Referees and Volunteering

Referee Training

SCRD is always welcoming to those who want to become a referee! In roller derby, our referees are referred to as Skating Officials, because they have to skate to keep up with the pack. If you're interested in refereeing, but don't have any prior skating experience, we strongly suggest you begin with Tier 1 of our New Skater Program!

The best way to learn the proper skating techniques, and the rules and penalties is to come out to our practices. Fill out the form below if you are interested and we will get in contact with your about our practice schedule.

For more information about becoming a Skating Official, you can check out WFTDA's Officiating Resources.

Tier 1

For those who have limited experience skating or have never even strapped a pair of quad skates on in their entire lives!

You learn skills such as:

  • Falling safely
  • T-stops, plow stops, and turn around toe stops
  • Skating backwards

Non-Skating Officials

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to putting together a roller derby bout, and that includes super important officials who help with all kinds of jobs such as:

  • Jam Timing
  • Penalty Box Tracking
  • Scorekeeping

Of course there's many other responsibilities of NSOs. The best way to learn is to join us at a bout! If you're interested in officiating opportunities, please fill out the form below and check out WFTDA's Officiating Resources.


How much does it cost to become an official?

Learning to officiate with SCRD is absolutely free!

Are men eligible to ref/NSO?

Yes! Being an official is open to all genders.

Is it true that I can ref using roller blades?

Yes! While in order to play roller derby you must use quad skates, skating as an official can be done either on quad skates or roller blades.